The first time I picked up a camera with the intent to produce Art was in 2001. After learning all I could about Black and White film photography, I purchased my first D-SLR in 2003, the Canon EOS 1Ds. My goal in creating this website was to take my Art beyond the confines of my computer and put it into the world for all to see. It serves as a testament to my passion for Fine Art Photography and my drive to create a perfect Photograph. Through the years, I have experimented with different photographic techniques, both in the darkroom, and in the digital lightroom, but have yet to settle on a signature style. I believe each photograph has its own story to tell and it's my job to craft the narration.
My hope is that you gain some small pleasure from viewing my work. If you like what you see, please share it with others by either Liking it on Facebook and other social sites, or by purchasing a print to display in your home or office. I will be adding content regularly so please come back often.